Adult Stem Mobile Nutrition - Providing Not Simply A Whimper Of Hope But A Real Revolution

At about the age of 35 the body actually starts to break down in a more speedy rate. One good reason for this decline in wellness is the lowering of the release of adult stem cells in the blood stream, a supply which can be readily available in your very own bone marrow.

Originate cells would be the very essence of existence. When a sperm unites with all the egg, the initial cell developed is a come cell. Also known as "expert cells," a stem cell has the ability to differentiate into other mobile tissue types. This capacity allows the stem cellular to become many different types of cells as needed by the physique and, as a result, act to support optimal body organ and cells function. Can be your heart requiring eyes, liver organ, stomach, repair and epidermis brain? Stems cells are able to act as a repair rebuilding, system and restoring wholesome functions and replenishing other cells so long as the organism is full of life. Initially, it had been believed that only embryonic originate cells got the ability to become any type of mobile in our body, known as "pluripotent capabilities". Ratherrecently and however, it has been learned that adult come cells could possibly have that same wide achieving potential.


It was the discovery of any fluorescent natural protein found in a jelly fish strong in the ocean that initial enabled professionals to further their hypothesis that adult originate cells might have the same pluripotent capabilities as embryonic originate cells. By isolating the DNA of the fluorescent healthy proteins and then injecting that very same genetic computer code into mature stem tissues in a laboratory setting, they can follow their trafficking tendencies by experiencing which body parts were illuminated up with phosphorescent coloring.

In a single such review, highly purified bone marrow stem cells were genetically modified to make this phosphorescent protein. The mice's originate cells were actually then murdered off via irradiation and genetically revised stem cells were transplanted into their bone marrow, leaving behind only the luminescent bone marrow stem tissue as the only source of readily available stem cellular material. Cardiac arrest was subsequently induced in the rodents by coronary artery occlusion. In less than two weeks time, the engrafted luminescent stem tissue had travelled through the blood to the cardiovascular system muscle and differentiated into cardiac muscle and endothelial cells which contributed to the development of functional cardiac tissue, as well as new blood vessels.

Further more studies revealed that adult come cells could cross the blood-brain shield and then know the difference stem-cell-therapy/index.html into human brain cells. The authors in the study composed, "Our results clearly show that adult stem tissue from the marrow can get access to the mature brain and assume features of central nervous system neurons."

Based on information and facts gathered by various clinical teams, Dr. Gitte Jensen recently offered the Come Cell Theory of Curing, Repair and Regeneration. This breakthrough hypothesis suggests that bone marrow originate cells migrate from the bone tissue marrow and travel throughout the physique, providing for healing and regeneration of damaged organs during the complete lifetime of any individual.

Through these studies we certainly have gained remarkable perspective about the natural recovery mechanisms utilized by the human body for cellular repair and regeneration as produced by adult stem tissues already abundantly present in the bone marrow. This concept directed the company of StemTech to produce a product that may enhance the body's natural ability of discharging adult originate cells through the bone marrow.


The Nationwide Institutes of Health listings 74 treatable diseases utilizing ASCs in therapy - an intrusive and pricey process of removing the stem cells from one's bone marrow (or perhaps a donor's bone marrow) and re-injecting these same cells into an area having treatment. By way of example, this procedure is sometimes done just before a many forms of cancer patient experiences radiation. Healthy stem cellular material from the bone tissue marrow are stored and taken out, only to be re-inserted soon after radiation in the area of the physique in need of repair. This is a pricey and complex procedure, not accessible to the typical person. There is now a way that every single man or woman, no matter what their health condition, can have access to some great benefits of enhancing their body's innate ability to restoration every organ and tissues using stem cell diet.

StemEnhance is the very first item of its sort, creating a group of nutritional goods known as "stem mobile phone enhancers". StemEnhance's method for enhancing "stem cellular trafficking" is protected by U.S. Patent #6814961 granted to StemTech HealthSciences Inc. of Klamath Lake, Oregon, a and USA 2nd patent is pending.

Dr. Christian Drapeau has been pioneering the research over the past two decades on cyanophta Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA), the true secret nutrient in StemEnhance accountable for the release and migration of millions of grown-up stem cellular material. AFA is really a fresh water, delicious species of light blue-eco-friendly algae considered to be one of the most ancient and most healthy foods on earth. This simple organism is complete nutrients in its simplest form, supplying the "foundations of wellness". By perfecting their homing process, not only does StemEnhance promote the rapid release of stem tissues from the bone marrow however it increases remarkable ability to get to the damaged tissue that need them most. Even though AFA develops in many other parts of the world, the biomass that accumulates in Kalamath Lake is unique within both its abundance and wholesomeness and this is basically the location of harvesting for StemTech's fresh supply of AFA.

Traditional natural supplements nourish existing cells, they are doing not generate new tissue. When you acquire two capsules of StemEnhance, the ingredients assistance to support the release of millions of come cells from the bone marrow into the blood. According to the New England Record of of Medicine, the number of stem cellular material circulating in the bloodstream is amongst the best signals of overall health.

StemEnhance is really a blend of two compounds which can be extracted from AFA. These ingredients are extracted using a amazing process that makes use of no chemicals or unpleasant agents. One of the compounds, containing L-selectin ligand, blocks the receptors in your stem tissues that place them anchored with your bone marrow, therefore permitting them into circulation. Another compound which is called Migratose, is polysaccharide- unique and may retain the migration of stem tissues out of the bloodstream and into tissues and organs where they may be most necessary. These effects were demonstrated within a triple blind, randomized, placebo-handled study conducted by Doctor. Christian Drapeau. The results have been quite extraordinary. Before establishing baseline amounts, volunteers rested for one hour or so. After the very first blood trial samples, volunteers were given stem-enhancers or perhaps a placebo.

Afterwards, blood free samples were undertaken at 30, 60 and 120 minutes right after taking the consumables. The number of moving stem cells was quantified by studying the bloodstream samples using Fluroescence-Activated Mobile phone Sorting. Consumption of stem enhancers led to a rise in the number of circulating stem tissue, while intake of the placebo did not bring about any statistically notable impact. Within 1 hour of intake, a 25 to 30% surge in adult stem cells was measured. This translates to approximately 3.5 million more circulating originate cells. This research confirmed that StemEnhance efficiently supported the release of come cells in the bone marrow. Through a all-natural process, all those stem tissue then travel in the blood stream to parts of the body where they are most essential.


Recently, considerable research was performed by the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal, Canada, led by Dr. Gitte S. Jensen, on the impact of AFA on the immune and endocrine systems, along with general blood physiology. The final results were amazing. It was found that consuming AFA had a unique and serious effect on all-natural killer cells. The results have been published under the title "Effects of the Blue Environmentally friendly Algae Aphanizomenon flos-aquae on Human All-natural Killer Cellular material," Section 3.1 of the IBC Library Sequence, Volume 1911, "Phytoceuticals: Examining the health benefit and pharmaceutical attributes of all-natural antioxidants and phytochemicals." In two hours after food 1.5 grams of AFA, around 40Percent of the blood natural fantastic cells (one particular billion) kept the blood and migrated into the tissues. They additional discovered that in some instances the natural fantastic cells staying in the circulatory system had two or three times as many adhesion substances as they managed before the AFA was taken. After a few hours, the natural fantastic cells sent back to the bloodstream.

WHAT CAN Come CELL Nutrients DO For Yourself?

StemEnhance is not really a product based on anecdotal evidence (although the impressive stories are rapidly accumulating) but rather a body of collected proof. Everyone is diverse so the tales are quite dramatic and diverse. The body is aware of what it requires as do these learn cells. Those who have difficulty receiving around because of joint pain are regaining remarkable ability to walk as cartilage has been repaired. People with MS and Parkinson's are finding accumulated damage will be repaired and symptoms are lessening or disappearing. It is helping enhance some individual's vision because adult originate cells are involved in eye overall health. One lady who was previously plagued with frequent migraines has not enjoyed a single one particular since commencing StemEnhance. It can repair cardiovascular system muscle, the liver, gastrointestinal system, and most undoubtedly the skin. StemEnhance supports head function, enhancing clarity, focus and feeling. The results can be very extraordinary.

When StemEnhance can be used as a day-to-day supplement over time, the excitement of vast amounts of additional originate cells within the bloodstream might be one of the most secure and most efficient methods for sustaining optimal health that science has yet identified.

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